We’re “Foal” of it!

Monday morning, as many of you may know, it was a very stormy morning. It had been raining, there was lightning and thunder and all sorts of floods all over the valley. Meanwhile, here in Tonopah, there was something wonderful happening. One of our horses, Amira, was having her very first foal! She had a 12 month gestation period. Can you imagine?! We’ve been keeping a very close eye on her over the last month to make sure that she was staying cool enough and always had plenty of shade and water. We wanted to make sure that we were ready to move the foal to a shady place if she had him in the heat of the day. Amira has been a very good mother since the start…she waited for it to cool down for a few days to have her foal, had a wonderful birth and has been nursing without any trouble. She cleans him and is just the right amount of protective of the little guy.
Emily is Amira’s mommy/caretaker and hasn’t yet picked out a name for our new little colt.
For now his nickname is “Bobby”. Bobby has taken very well to his imprinting and is already a very social horse. He’s curious and alert and has started prancing around a bit. We look forward to his growth and development over the next few months and can’t wait to see what he looks like when he’s all grown up!
Now what you’ve all been waiting for…some pictures!

EmilyandBobby laying with foal IMG_3413Video

Chill’in On A Humid Day

Yesterday we got over an inch of rain at the farm and we are rejoicing in the fact we don’t have to irrigate. The chickens are eating everything that pops out of a hole in the ground and playing in puddles. The horses rolled in the mud. Humidity is still 70 percent– what we call “icky sticky”.

The pups and I have retreated to air conditioning. Gizamadeechee found a shirt from the laundry pile to nap in. Life is good. Curl up yourselves in something soft and take a breather or two!

Welcome New Ram

To keep genetic diversity in our flock of Navajo Churro Sheep we took a trip up to Leupp Arizona to choose our new ram for this fall. He looks small now but by November he should be ready to court our lady ewes. He was chosen for his excellent pedigree and fleece qualities.

He is a bit confused here in the video surrounded by baby goats but we need to keep him separate from the flock of ewes until he is full grown.
This is because if you put your ram in with the ewes before he is ready the females will either lose interest in him or they may get violent.

Employee of the Decade

“Dottie” is the daughter of “EBay” who was a grand champion in the 90′s at the state fair. Her full name is “Dot Com.” She has given us beautiful kids for many years that include “E Harmony” and “Pintrist.”

Dottie has a very sweet disposition and is a great babysitter for all the little goats in our nursery. She loves people and is seen here sharing an air kiss with Celia. Dottie was 15 years old this spring!

Customer Appreciation for Frances

A few weeks ago we received an email from one of our favorite customers…Frances the dog. Frances’ family has been coming to the market for many years now. Frances enjoys all of our baked goods but especially our Goat Cheese Crackers!¬†We are grateful for your friendship and glad our baked goods are getting to see the world!

Here is the email:
“For you and the Chile Acres crew, I’m also sending this little snapshot from the top of Mt. Massive. 14,421 feet high and a solid 13 mile hike powered in part by your yummy muffins. (And also by Frances.) Enjoy!”

Frances1 frances2