About Us

Chile Acres Farm

located in Tonopah Arizona,  owned by Celia Petersen.
Our main farm &  farmers market hands are:
KerryAnn, Andrew, Amanda and Emily!

At the farm you’ll find:
a lot of animals… including but not limited to:
Doxies, Salukis, Cats, One Donkey, Pinto and Arabian horses, Chickens(Redstar, blackstar, ameraucana and rhode island red), Ducks, Goats(Nubians), Sheep(Navajo Churro, Cotswald and Cheviot), Finches, Ferrets, Guinea Fowl and a whole lot of bugs!

You’ll also find a lot of produce!
We have two lovely White Turkish Fig trees and a lime tree that have started producing delicious fruit!
We grow a lot of different kind of chili peppers, tomatoes, squash and melons.
We always grow our produce in a pesticide free environment and choose those of the heirloom variety whenever available. We experiment with lots of different kinds of produce and bring all of it to the market whenever it’s in season!

Check out our events page to keep up to date on classes, shearing days and more!

What we sell:

Eggs by the dozen Chicken eggs and Duck Eggs.
Goat’s milk soap essential oils only. no harsh perfumes or chemicals
Goat Cheese,
Gluten Free baked goods Muffins, breads, cookies and more! vegan options too
Wool products From our sheep! Includes: Roving, Yarn, Hats, Scarves and special requests!

Where we sell our products:

-Downtown Phoenix Public Market
        Every Saturday (May-Sep): 8a to Noon (Oct-Apr): 8a to 1p

-Uptown Market
      Every Saturday 9am – 1pm
Every Wednesday 8am – 1pm (Oct-Jun   closed during the summers)

-Urban Bean Cafe
        Here you can find various GF-baked goods and Chile Acres Eggs!

Click Here for info on scheduling a farm tour!

623.980.0116  chileacres@wildblue.net

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