Jimmie’s Service

Hello beloved friends and family,

For those of you who do not know, Jimmie has passed away.
Although we are all very sad to not have him in our lives anymore, we’re also very grateful that he is no longer suffering and that we got to spend such wonderful times with him while he was here.

We are grateful for all of your good thoughts, prayers and love that you’ve been sending our way here on the farm. It truly means a lot to us and there is no way to say a proper thanks to you all.

We are holding a memorial service for Jimmie this Tuesday, the 5th of February, at 2PM  at the Grace Fellowship on Miller Road in Buckeye, AZ.
1300 North Miller Road
Buckeye, AZ 85326
We’ll be having apple fritters, Jimmie’s favorite, after the service is over.

Thanks again for all of your kind words and warm hearts.


Emily @ Chile Acres Farm

Country Western Sheep

We sorted the sheep for shearing day by breed. Churros get sheared twice a year while the Cotswold and Cheviot are only once a year. When you catch a sheep you seat it on it’s bottom and it will be docile for transport. It was a hot day and we were all wearing hats, so… you get the picture!!! Guess all the sheep needed was a red solo cup!

Cancer Chronicles #5 Hospice

Hospice is a team effort. We have nurses, a social worker, a chaplain, a doctor, and many delivery people traveling to Tonopah to help Jimmie. Our front room has been transformed into a care facility featuring a hospital bed with air mattress, portable commode, assorted breathing apparatus, a walker, shower transfer and seat,and a wheel chair. Morphine around the clock keeps Jimmie comfortable. Jimmie gets a morning wake up call and and an evening tuck-in call from a hospice nurse. Nurses come twice a week to do a physical exam between doctor visits.

Jimmie’s little sister, his buddy Pat, and I take turns transporting him daily to radiation therapy to keep the tumor in control. Employees and neighbors come by to visit and to help with farm chores. Emily stayed over on Friday to finish up getting ready for market and to help load up in the morning. Jessica and Kristen come out weekly to help clean pens and do farm chores. Kerry Ann and her Grandma come out and help with milking and feeding after school. Francisco’s whole family came today and did a bunch of yard work and helped spruce up the place. Pedro and his son installed the shade shelters I purchased for the sheep and baby goat pens between thier own jobs. Kelly from the Eagle Mountain Wolf Sanctuary donated cat food to the feral cats that have taken up residance in and near the barn. Mona from the power plant brought out an intern that worked with us over the summer to process wool. Caroline and John are helping us with our shop site. Sandy brought out green house materials for a new section to plant. We are overwhelmed and often in tears over the outpour of kindness from so many people. We have the best neighbors and friends. We are not alone!

This week we learned that hospital beds do not have regular twin size sheets. Jimmie’s sis Char volunteered to find sheets since she went through hospice with her own hubby last year and knew where to find them. She asked me what kind to get and I asked for Spider Man or My Little Pony to keep us cheerful around here. She came back with Red Lobsters. One of Jimmie’s former jobs was as a lobsterman and she remembers how much he liked being at sea.

We were worried a bit about the air mattress what with the house hold critters and their claws– but so far so good. Moses, our yellow cat that instills terror in all of the dogs, perches on the bed nightly watching over Jimmie as he sleeps. Moses and I take turns to see if he is still breathing. Who says animals aren’t intuitive? Jimmie says she just sits there waiting to drink his left over hot chocolate or eat his snack crumbs when he nods off with the morphine.

Cancer Chronicles #4 The Fun Begins

The good news is that the pet scan revealed that the cancer has stayed put in it’s original spot although it has grown.

The bad news is that Jimmie’s heart and lungs will not tolerate much more due to his COPD and it is now a race against time to see which condition will end his life first.

He decided for overall “quality of life” and to keep from bleeding to death he will have the radiation. This doctor is remarkable! She is from Canada and when she entered the room we thought she was a very young receptionist or tech–not a doc! Her tone and behaviour set everyone that works with her at ease. The entire staff is very caring and upbeat despite what they see everyday.

Due to the great distance we must travel from the farm to treatments (every day for 20 days if he tolerates the treatment) the doc started that day with the tatoos that would mark where the radiation would be recieved. We are all now teasing Jimmie about having a “tramp stamp” on his tummy! Jimmie felt so much better with this doctor.

We have also brought Odyssey Hospice on board. The nurses call us each morning and in the evening Jimmie gets a “tuck in call”. We can call them at any hour of the day or night with questions and they have sent out all kinds of equipment to help us with this disease as it progresses.

We also learned that standard twin sheets do not fit on a hospital bed. Jimmie’s sister and I conspired to get “My Pink Pony” or “Spider Man Sheets” just to lighten things up around here but we settled on lobster sheets. Jimmie used to be a commercial fisherman in his earlier years and I think he was pleased.

Enya, our sheep dog, feels displaced by all of the hospital equipment but the cats are delighted. The air matress is state of the art and they revel in floating on top of it with Jimmie as he snoozes.

Pain control is excellent and he is breathing better. Both of us have slept two nights in a row! Hurray! Sleep is good:)