Ducklings Learning to Swim

Since there are never enough duck eggs to go around we added some new members to our ducky family.
Each night we let them swim in the sink then toweled them off and tucked them in for the night with a heat lamp.
Last week they graduates to the toddler coop and are having a great time swimming and splashing in large dog dishes.

Kerry Ann and Emily on Shearing Day

Shearing Day was full of fun,laughter, and fleecy fuzz today !
19 sheep got hair cuts and 40 people participated in events.
Emily and Kerry Ann kept everyone engaged and entertained. Our ducklings made their debut and the teenage baby chickens graduated to the big outdoors.

Felt class at Maya’s Farm

Wild and wooly class series will begin at Maya’s Farm near South Mountain starting on the 16th of March. 10am to 11:30am

Our first class will be “make it and take it” felting using the wool from the Ewes at Chile Acres Farm.

Sign up at:

Ships in the night!

What an eventful day!

We’ve been anticipating a storm that’s supposedly coming through this weekend. We’ve been repairing animal shelters, moving animals to different pens and covering up straw and such.

But we also started preparing for all the babies! Whenever a storm comes through and the goats are pregnant…the pressure change from the humidity and such will help/encourage the birth of new baby animals!

Today Oreo had two kids! Thin Mint and Samoa!



We’ve also been working on our gardens! Right before/after (depending on the plant/seed) is always the perfect time to garden!
Emily, Kerryann and Celia have been hard at work: plowing one of the fields in prep for corn and squash planting!
We planted seeds today before the rain.


Then Nana heard though the grapevine…Oreo had some new Kids who were in need of some cuddle time. Samoa, while born healthy and started walking easy enough, just wasn’t eating enough at first. So we milked Oreo, the good girl that she is, and had nana bottle feed baby Samoa a few times through-out the evening.
Nana had Samoa drinking a bottle like a pro by the end of the night! They got along just swell, too!
Celia and Emily were grateful for the extra hands so they could finish getting ready for market!


All in all, it was a very eventful day.
Let’s see what excitement the rain brings us tomorrow?!

Hope this message finds everyone in good health and happy hearts.

Much love,
Emily @ Chile Acres