Welcome New Ram

To keep genetic diversity in our flock of Navajo Churro Sheep we took a trip up to Leupp Arizona to choose our new ram for this fall. He looks small now but by November he should be ready to court our lady ewes. He was chosen for his excellent pedigree and fleece qualities.

He is a bit confused here in the video surrounded by baby goats but we need to keep him separate from the flock of ewes until he is full grown.
This is because if you put your ram in with the ewes before he is ready the females will either lose interest in him or they may get violent.

Employee of the Decade

“Dottie” is the daughter of “EBay” who was a grand champion in the 90’s at the state fair. Her full name is “Dot Com.” She has given us beautiful kids for many years that include “E Harmony” and “Pintrist.”

Dottie has a very sweet disposition and is a great babysitter for all the little goats in our nursery. She loves people and is seen here sharing an air kiss with Celia. Dottie was 15 years old this spring!

Garden Bounty Ready!!

Our crop of Mayo Blush Squash, Boxcar Willie heirloom tomatoes and wild greens featuring dandelion greens and
Lambs Quarter are featured this weekend along with copious amounts of Swiss chard. Turkish White Figs and Native American varieties of melons and corn are in the very near future.
We have been experimenting with different gardening techniques . We have two small keyhole gardens. We also have some above ground large planters and a quarter acre of mounds planted in the “three sisters” style of the original gardeners of Arizona. One of our old chicken yards is now a shaded garden for greens and tomatillos. We are learning so much about sprinkler systems and irrigation!! The ground squirrels sometimes reroute our water. No pesticides are ever used here on the farm so we have to hand pick critters that don’t belong.

The chicken garden has been reseeded with organic buckwheat and birdseeds and is sprouting nicely. The baby chicks are Tweens now and can’t wait to graduate to the chicken garden. Pictures of that special day are coming soon.

Ducklings Learning to Swim

Since there are never enough duck eggs to go around we added some new members to our ducky family.
Each night we let them swim in the sink then toweled them off and tucked them in for the night with a heat lamp.
Last week they graduates to the toddler coop and are having a great time swimming and splashing in large dog dishes.