Ships in the night!

What an eventful day!

We’ve been anticipating a storm that’s supposedly coming through this weekend. We’ve been repairing animal shelters, moving animals to different pens and covering up straw and such.

But we also started preparing for all the babies! Whenever a storm comes through and the goats are pregnant…the pressure change from the humidity and such will help/encourage the birth of new baby animals!

Today Oreo had two kids! Thin Mint and Samoa!



We’ve also been working on our gardens! Right before/after (depending on the plant/seed) is always the perfect time to garden!
Emily, Kerryann and Celia have been hard at work: plowing one of the fields in prep for corn and squash planting!
We planted seeds today before the rain.


Then Nana heard though the grapevine…Oreo had some new Kids who were in need of some cuddle time. Samoa, while born healthy and started walking easy enough, just wasn’t eating enough at first. So we milked Oreo, the good girl that she is, and had nana bottle feed baby Samoa a few times through-out the evening.
Nana had Samoa drinking a bottle like a pro by the end of the night! They got along just swell, too!
Celia and Emily were grateful for the extra hands so they could finish getting ready for market!


All in all, it was a very eventful day.
Let’s see what excitement the rain brings us tomorrow?!

Hope this message finds everyone in good health and happy hearts.

Much love,
Emily @ Chile Acres

A farm update from Emily

Hello everyone!
It’s been a very busy winter for all of us here at the farm. Lots of work with horses, organizing of all kinds and as always LOTS of wooly work!

A few highlights of events would be…

Our first Kid of the season was born on Saturday, February 22nd. Her name is Valentina and she’s the first daughter of Juliette.


We also have started changing a few of our item flavors monthly. February was lemon themed seeing as one of our employees has a HUGE lemon tree.
New items for March are Apple themed! See our Facebook for up to date info.

And as always shearing day is coming up! Please click here for more information.

I hope this message finds you all in good health and high spirits.

Much love,

Emily @ Chile Acres

Jimmie’s Service

Hello beloved friends and family,

For those of you who do not know, Jimmie has passed away.
Although we are all very sad to not have him in our lives anymore, we’re also very grateful that he is no longer suffering and that we got to spend such wonderful times with him while he was here.

We are grateful for all of your good thoughts, prayers and love that you’ve been sending our way here on the farm. It truly means a lot to us and there is no way to say a proper thanks to you all.

We are holding a memorial service for Jimmie this Tuesday, the 5th of February, at 2PM  at the Grace Fellowship on Miller Road in Buckeye, AZ.
1300 North Miller Road
Buckeye, AZ 85326
We’ll be having apple fritters, Jimmie’s favorite, after the service is over.

Thanks again for all of your kind words and warm hearts.


Emily @ Chile Acres Farm

Country Western Sheep

We sorted the sheep for shearing day by breed. Churros get sheared twice a year while the Cotswold and Cheviot are only once a year. When you catch a sheep you seat it on it’s bottom and it will be docile for transport. It was a hot day and we were all wearing hats, so… you get the picture!!! Guess all the sheep needed was a red solo cup!