Sam I Am?


Do you like green eggs and ham?
Well the preschoolers at Buckeye Elementary did! Most of them tried them when Celia made them for the Dr. Suess week celebration! Chile Acres donated the dish and retired friend, teacher, and author J. Mylsk
read the story. We all left the event with green tongues and funny hats!!


Hello everyone!

I’m writing to let you know about some big changes that have been going on at Chile Acres, in no particular order…

New Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays!

Starting this weekend we’ll be attending the Saturday Uptown farmer’s market! We’re *SO* excited to be joining Bo, the market manager, and all of our lovely vendor family! We will be bringing baby goats this saturday so be sure and look for them.

*We will still be at the Phoenix Public Market every Saturday*

Starting this Wednesday(February 18th) we’ll be attending the Wednesday Uptown Farmer’s Market. This is a bit bigger of a change for us as we will no longer be attending the Town and Country Farmer’s Market. In the future, as our company grows, we hope to be able to return to the T&C market.

To Recap that…
Celia & KerryAnn will be at the Phoenix Public Market from 8am til 1pm.
Emily will be at the Uptown Market from 9am til 1pm.
Emily and Celia will be at the Uptown Market from 8am til 1pm.

No more Egg Holds

We’ve been reserving eggs for our lovely customers for many a years now and it’s worked out well enough for a while…but recently it’s just become one big mess where no one leaves happy. We’ve had an egg shortage over the summer where we didn’t have enough eggs to meet our reserves…we’ve had customers who asked for eggs but then didn’t show up and we had already turned away previous customers.
Anyways…after lots of debate and back and forth on the topic we’ve decided we won’t be taking any new customers on the hold list.
Now, for those of you who already get your eggs weekly…don’t fear! We’re not going to just drop everyone right away. What we’ve decided to do is not to add any new names but to renew those who request it until they no show.
So, if you continue to request eggs week by week we’ll happily keeps saving your eggs for you. If you can’t make it, and let us know in advance, we’ll happily write you down for the following week. But if you no show-no call then we’re sorry, but we’re going to stop reserving eggs for you. We’ve just had too many eggs coming home with us and too many customers going home egg-less.
We’re all ears if anyone has any ideas of how we could make this transaction smoother! Thanks for your patience and understanding!

We’ve been having baby goats left and right!

We’ve been figuring out a good schedule for our goaties so that we can have less down time when it comes to milking seasons! We’ve got the goats split into different groups so some have their babies in spring and some have them in fall. We have a weird third group right now that just had their babies so we’re a little ahead of schedule! Wow and hurrah!
and that leads me to our next bit of news…

We won’t be having open house shearing day this year!

We’ve decided that instead of shearing day being our farm event for the spring we’re just going to have an open house a bit earlier on before it gets hot. This also is helpful for us because we’ve got a bunch of baby goats that will need to be picked up, handled and all around socialized! This doesn’t mean that shearing day is gone forever, in fact we may have an open house shearing again in the fall. We’ve just decided to let this one be a bit more relaxed for our employees…and the sheep too!

We’re re-vamping our food!

Over the summer Celia and Emily are planning on putting lots of time and energy into creating new and delicious baked goods! We want to bring you higher quality products with delicious AND nutritious ingredients. We want to incorporate our dairy into more items (Can you say gluten free, goat cheese cannoli?!), make more low sugar/sugar free options, bring you more savory items and have some flour choices(i.e. we’re making some items with coconut flour instead of rice and garbanzo!). We’ve been so grateful to have such amazing customers all these years who give such wonderful feedback and we’re trying to listen to your needs and give you the gluten free goodies you want! However this does mean we’ll be adjusting our price model as well. A few items we’ve already discovered how we could lower the cost or package it differently or something like that…so a few items will be coming down in cost but a few items may be going up. We hope that you work with us over the next couple of months as we implement these changes. Thanks and feel free to ask us if you have any questions…or requests!


Life on a farm is always changing…there’s been so much happening it’s hard to keep track of it all!

Hope to see you soon at one of the markets!


Emily @ Chile Acres!

Town and Country Market Closed Temporarily!

Dear Loyal Customers of Chile Acres,

We’re writing to let you know that the Town and Country market has been closed until further notice.
Management informed us of this at closing time on Wednesday. 
We are hoping for the market to re-open once the construction is done and that’s what we were told was going to happen but no date was set nor was anything made permanent. An estimate of 6 weeks was given.

In the meantime we are hoping to keep your business, we’ll need you now more than ever to keep our farm up and running! Spread the word to friends and family who also shop at the T&C market.

Please continue picking up your order and purchasing your goods from us at the Downtown Phoenix Public Market (721 N. Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85004).  Look for the Chile Acres banners in the front row down from the information booth!
Current hours of operation are Saturday Mornings from 8am – 12pm and will change in October to be open until 1pm. Please contact us to let us know if you’d like to have your order switched over and for what date.

We also suggest you contact management at the Town and Country shops and let them know you want us back! Please contact Kristi Hammer 602.710.2122 or
And talk about how much you love the market.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call us!
Email us at or call/text 623.980.0116

Thanks for all of your support and understanding.


Emily & Celia @ Chile Acres

We’re “Foal” of it!

Monday morning, as many of you may know, it was a very stormy morning. It had been raining, there was lightning and thunder and all sorts of floods all over the valley. Meanwhile, here in Tonopah, there was something wonderful happening. One of our horses, Amira, was having her very first foal! She had a 12 month gestation period. Can you imagine?! We’ve been keeping a very close eye on her over the last month to make sure that she was staying cool enough and always had plenty of shade and water. We wanted to make sure that we were ready to move the foal to a shady place if she had him in the heat of the day. Amira has been a very good mother since the start…she waited for it to cool down for a few days to have her foal, had a wonderful birth and has been nursing without any trouble. She cleans him and is just the right amount of protective of the little guy.
Emily is Amira’s mommy/caretaker and hasn’t yet picked out a name for our new little colt.
For now his nickname is “Bobby”. Bobby has taken very well to his imprinting and is already a very social horse. He’s curious and alert and has started prancing around a bit. We look forward to his growth and development over the next few months and can’t wait to see what he looks like when he’s all grown up!
Now what you’ve all been waiting for…some pictures!

EmilyandBobby laying with foal IMG_3413Video