Just Kidding–No Seriously we are Kidding!

Here is one of the first arrivals on Tuesday night.  We had 7 new kids Tuesday and 7 more on Weds.  Keep checking and you will see more I am sure!  We are very happy that Jimmie is home to act as an OBGYN!  He calls me if anything looks amiss.  WE only have had one breach birth to assist and everyone is doing just fine on their own!  How lucky is that? 

The top picture is our farm mascot “Bubbles” and her first kid.  She had an easy labor and is a super Nanny. We had hoped that she would have a baby marked with her bubbles but as you can see the baby is a solid color.  If you know some cool names for kids that you would like to send us we would appreciate it!
The second picture is of Holly and her new baby which is practically her clone in pattern and color.  Holly was born on Christmas a few years back and her daughter Ivy is due any minute.  Maybe a plant or Christmas type name for this part of the family to name the baby?

This picture is of Assaba’s daughter–she is one of our foundation nannies granddaughters.  Her name is Dot Com and she is out of E-bay.  What do you think would be a good name for this little one?  Please don’t say “Vista” or anything to do with microsoft.  (We aren’t too excited about their latest projects although the commercials with Mac vs PC have been entertaining!)

You might wonder how we and the mommies/nannies keep all of these babies straight?  How come they don’t mix them up?  It is all in how they smell and sound (nope–we don’t sniff them we just watch which mom they end up with).  Each mother bonds at birth based on smell.  Within a very short time they know the sound of their kids too.  Sounds like bedlam to the rest of the farm but is music to these very long eared nannies.

Notice the white mustache on the nanny in this picture?  Her name is “Got Milk”.  Her baby is black with white accents.  Suggest a dairy product name for her perhaps?

We will pick names from the suggestions made electronically and from the markets we sell our cheese at.

Back to the barn for now!  Kids keep popping!!!

6 thoughts on “Just Kidding–No Seriously we are Kidding!

  1. They are all adorable! I’d go with Kerryann’s choices for for Got Milk’s kid (“hot chocolate with marshmallows” is just way too long, I’m afraid) and also for Dot Com’s kid, but shorten that one to “Dub-Dub-Dub”. How about Brownie for Bubble’s kid (cute but maybe not inspired enough?) and for Holly’s baby… might I suggest Mistletoe?

  2. you should name bubbles baby: trident
    got milk’s baby: milky way
    .com’s baby should be www.
    holly’s baby should be jolly
    they are so cute celia … i cant wait to see them on wednesday.

  3. For Holly’s baby if its a girl maybe piontsetta
    For the third baby goat maybe Dot or Dottie
    And for Got Milk’s baby maybe cream cheese or just cheese

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