Wig Wam Farmer’s Market

Check out last week’s Arizona Republic about the Wig Wam Farmer’s Market where you can find us every Sunday!  Emily, our helper and “Goddess of Sales” is in the paper along with our Ewe to You sign.  We launched our sheep wool products at this market.  We have hand dyed, hand spun wool to purchase, scarves, hats and other wool products from our girls.  The yarn for sale is dyed with plants (my husband still can’t believe I ran around all summer with scissors in the truck in case I saw plants to dye wool with) found in the desert here in Arizona.

Our cheese and fine gluten free products are there too!  We carry chicken,duck, and quail eggs as well as chili peppers. The market is on the lawns of the resort and that resort is beautiful!  Check us out on the westside of the valley on WigWam Blvd. in Litchfield Park every Sunday from 8:30-1:30.  Don’t be “sheepish”–come on out!

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